CONCERT PRODUCTIONV Dosc at BonarooL'Acoustics

L-AcousticsShaped Music is an L-Acoustics V-DOSC Network company. Designed for stand-alone FOH Arena and stadium applications, the V-DOSC system provides legendary sonic performance, clarity, precision and radiation characteristics. With an exceptional level of rider-friendliness for touring and installation projects, and an ergonomic and fast rigging system for quick set-up, the V-DOSC system is ideal for any large event. The system can also be paired down for medium sized street fests and other applications.

We also offer the L-Acoustics dV V-DOSC array system, a smaller array for medium sized theaters and venue installs.

midasOur V-DOSC cabinets and L'Acoustics SB-218 subwoofer system are all powered with QSC amplifiers and driven with XTA processors. The system is controlled by world class Midas or Crest Audio FOH and monitor systems with XTA or Ashly EQs and a wide selection of outboard gear from DBX, Yamaha, Lexicon, TC Electronic and more.

For the ballroom or mid-sized outdoor venue, we also have an FBT EvoMaxx system complete with four 18" subwoofers. Meyer UPA's are also available, and additional gear of all kinds is available upon request.


FBTpresonusOur budget systems are built around FBT EvoMaxx speaker products, allowing us to provide high performance on a budget. We compliment the FBT products with mixers from PreSonus and Mackie, processors from Behringer and DBX, and microphones from AKG, Shure and others.

We offer PA rentals for all types of events, ranging from small 8" FBT powered speakers up to four 18" FBT EvoMaxx tops with four matching subs, covering a large range of events.